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"And once more for the back: PEOPLE CAN'T BE ILLEGAL"

I'm really not sure why everyone has got their knickers in such a twist over Ben & Jerry's tweets yesterday challenging our Government over their approach to asylum seekers crossing the channel, particularly from a home secretary whose own parents were fleeing persecution/economic migrants (delete as appropriate).

And though you may not agree with brands engaging in political discourse, or disagree with their position on this issue, what you can't say (as many Tory MP's have - hey let's argue with the ice cream!) it that this is just an issue-washing PR stunt.

Given refugees is one of the issues they are on record as caring about, it should be no surprise this was a thorough response, well-argued, with no backing down or fear of upsetting potential consumers. All of which is completely in keeping with B&J's stance across a whole range of social issues. See Black Lives Matter as the perfect example of this.

So where most brands take a pick & mix, light touch, and often opportunistic approach to the causes they support, you can't criticise B&J's for being consistent and sticking to their guns.

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