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Esports 101: everything you didn't know you needed to know

For most of us, if we know anything, our knowledge and understanding of esports probably doesn't get much beyond 'competitive video gaming'. With lots of half truths attached (spotty teenage boys and all that). But levels of interest are rising fast, and the reality isn't necessarily what you think (70% of fans are age 25-44 and 40% are female). We may not have quite reached the stage of cultural phenomenon, but now is definitely the time to find out more.

Enter insight agency Craft, with their new C3 digital cultural project. Esports is the first topic they've looked at, and the results are pretty indispensable: a 101 of everything you didn't know you needed to know in one handy presentation.

C³ - esports Culture - Webinar Recording

C³ - esports Culture - Key Insights

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