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So two weeks into WFH / social distancing and how am I finding it?

Updated: May 20, 2020

Working from home - view from my window
Working from home - view from my window

  1. Not missing the daily commute at all.

  2. Enjoying having my own space.

  3. And more flex in how/when you work.

  4. But missing face to face contact with colleagues (altho being an introvert definitely helps).

  5. Much busier than thought I would be with actual client work (no gardening, box set catchup or first novel here!).

  6. Seem to be working longer days as a consequence (11 hours not unusal).

  7. Days of the week are blurring into one (no, an afterwork drink on Monday isn't allowed!!).

  8. Some things work well and efficiently over video conference.

  9. Other things don't and are a challenging time sink (particularly where you would usually have stuff stuck on walls/laid on tables for communal review).

  10. But you can still run complex pitches where everyone in the team is remote and have them go surprisingly well.

  11. All in, getting some perspective on what is really important in life.

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