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Thought for the day

Updated: May 20, 2020

When this is eventually all over, let's hope...

  1. there's (finally) an acceptance that the 'market' only benefits the few, and is self-evidently unable to solve the bigger problems we all face - that needs government intervention/centralised planning;

  2. there's a recognition that the people who have held the world together thru this time aren't the bankers and billionaires, who (with a few honourable exceptions) have simply confirmed they are as selfish as they are pointless - it's those the market deems of low value who have made the biggest contribution and self-sacrifice;

  3. there's a remembrance of all this - who did what for whom (or didn't) - and that we all act/vote accordingly going forward, because next time it will likely be worse still otherwise (I see you climate change).

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