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Contracts for the boys

As everyone gets maybe a bit too overexcited by Rishi's latest bargain bonanza giveaways, we shouldn't let this distract from the other giveaways that have been happening behind the scenes under Boris Johnson's car-boot-sale Tories: a government that's operating like a tinpot dictatorship or mafia crime family, feathering the already highly feathered nests of their best mates and the financial elites.

Case in point: Ayanda Capital. A private equity and currency trading company operating out of the tax haven of Mauritius, Ayanda was awarded a PPE contract worth £250m without a competitive tender at the height of the Covid crisis. This is just the latest in a series of dodgy deals to come to light doled out to people with absolutely no health provision experience.

Despite the offers from many proven experts in this area that were rebuffed.

First there was the £108m to PestFix, that 'household name' pest control firm with just 16 members of staff. Then the similar sized contract that went to Northern Irish sweet wholesaler Clandeboye Agencies. Or what about Aventis Solutions, so good as an employment agency they have just £322 to their name, who picked up a cool £18.5m (that's a multiple of nearly 57,500!!).

All for reasons we can only guess at. Although I'm sure it would be a pretty good guess.

Oh here you go: Andrew Mills, a Senior Board Adviser to Ayanda Capital is also one of 12 advisers to the Board of Trade, chaired by International Trade Secretary Liz Truss.

At least it's not more 'friends of Dom' this far as we can tell.

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