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Follow UN sustainable development goals business leaders say

For the second time in as many weeks, business leaders have written to Boris Johnson asking him to put the environment and social justice at the heart of any post-Covid response plan (see here for the other).

This time, it's the We Mean Business Coalition, under the Build Back Better banner, with 150 business, charity and trade body leaders urging Johnson to put the UN's sustainable development goals at the centre of the UK’s Covid-19 recovery plans.

As the letter says, signed by the likes of Unilever, HSBC, Diageo and BP...

“It is clear that many aspects of our lives will never be the same again. Some industries may never recover from this crisis. We must use this challenging situation as an opportunity to work together with our global and national partners alike, to build a stronger and more resilient economy with the SDGs at its heart,”

And it goes on...

“(Covid-19) has highlighted the risks the world faces due to biodiversity and habitat loss, as well as the climate crisis...We must balance social and economic needs with the needs of our planet, protecting and managing nature and reducing our greenhouse gas emissions. These goals do not have to be in conflict.”

Full letter is here...

Download • 262KB

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