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Securing a green recovery from Covid-19

The Institute for Public Policy Research hosted a cross-party webinar last week which is well worth a watch. Looking at how we can secure a green recovery from Covid-19, speakers were...

  • Ed Miliband MP, Shadow Secretary of State for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy

  • Alexander Stafford MP, Member of the Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy Committee

  • Baroness Brown of Cambridge; Chair of the Carbon Trust; Deputy Chair of the UK Committee on Climate Change; and the UK's Low Carbon Business Ambassador

  • Angela Francis, Chief Advisor, Economics and Economic Development, WWF UK; Member of the IPPR Environmental Justice Commission

  • Luke Murphy, Head of the Environmental Justice Commission, IPPR

As Conservative MP Alexander Stafford said, the argument about moving to a net zero carbon world has been won. The question is now how we get there, and what part the UK wants to take in leading the way, with all the investment opportunities and business upsides this brings.

We will all have a part to play in this, in how we each lead our own lives. But hopefully our political leaders are also listening and will do what they are elected for: to lead us purposefully towards a better future for all.

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